Angles is a journal of writing produced by the students of the Department of English Studies at Sophia University.  Its mission is to offer students an opportunity to experience the publishing process and showcase their work.

Submission Requirements:

Angles is published once a year and welcomes submissions from any Department of English Studies student, past or present.  Angles is looking for writing that spans a variety of genres across both the academic and creative writing spectrum.  This includes, but is not limited to, academic essays, narrative writing, short stories, poems, translations, and excerpts from longer academic work, such as seminar papers or senior theses.  Submissions are open from mid-April through mid-November of any academic year.

Once a piece is submitted it will be read and reviewed by the editorial committee.  If selected for the journal the writer will be paired with editors from the committee who will help the writer improve their submission before publication.

If any student is interested in writing for the journal but is unsure of where to begin, the editors are available to assist writers to develop ideas for submission.

Angles endeavors to be a place where ideas can be explored openly, an outlet equal in spirit to the diverse range of interests and perspectives present among the students of the Department of English Studies.


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