DEAD BRANCHES / Yulia Tachikawa

The tree has burnt

Ashes coming out of the fire

Making damage to the core of sight

Tears like a waterfall

What’s the use

That doesn’t help

Flipping through cards

I find five people smiling

They all look happy


Why are you living in a flat

6,624km away

Looking like a dead stick

That has lost its water

It’s power to live

Why did you break yourself away

And create your self-conflicts

Don’t know how to escape from the mess

But having a beautiful flower

Just on top of all that

You are living in outer space

Could you

Could you have imagined this happening

Maybe if you had stayed on the ground

Not becoming a star

Things could have been different

Why are you living in a place

Where no one knows

Aren’t you lonely

How could you not be

Or are you like me


I’m good at hiding

Deep down in the beating drum

I can come outside

But it will always be cloudy

No sunshine

Heavy air coming right at me

So, it’s better to stay hidden

 Just until the river stops running

At the very end of the river

I will start my journey

And create my very own tree

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