SPIDERS / Rikako Kurasawa

Spiders Rikako.JPG

I remember when we lived in a house back on Suzanne Way

and we had a gigantic trampoline in our backyard

Sometimes we would see squirrels and rabbits and mockingbirds

building their own little space to protect their babies

calling it


And even the plants have found themselves their own little space

in between the concrete cracks, the tiny holes on the side of the wooden fence, under the heaviest rocks and between the roots of the thickest oak tree

The moss growing in a almost like a highlighter green color

and tiny snails would crawl over the rocks ever so slowly

And the sky would turn to every shade of purple and pink

the kind of color that every girl would stare at with admiration

By then we would go back inside and rush to the kitchen to see

what was for dinner that night—lasagna was in the oven

The year I turned thirteen I would fight with my parents a lot

and then I’d lock myself up in the bathroom

because at that time I had to share rooms with my sister

and I would find tiny little spiders in the corners of the bathroom walls

Blowing on it to see them scrunch up their legs

and they would be my friend for the night

I told them all of my secrets and how I wanted to move out

and they were good listeners

Now in a different country and in a different house

I still have fights with my mom and still lock myself up in the bathroom

I turn to the corners to search for a friend

but spiders don’t seem to find this house interesting enough to live in

and I think I might know why



Rikako Kurasawa is a 3rd year student in the Department of English Studies who loves to write poems in her tiny notebook she keeps in her pocket. She is obsessed with Roald Dahl’s short stories and spends hours looking at makeup and fashion blogs.

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