THE GIRLS / Rikako Kurasawa

Ever wonder what they’re doing tonight?

Are they gonna stand behind cameras

Or will they be watching Netflix on their living room sofas?

Maybe they’ll go for a late-night ice cream run

On the chase for the perfect ingredients

That would match their Instagram feed

Numbers, attention and calories

Never leave them alone


They say that beauty is only skin deep

The Girls

Learned it the hard way

That the world is full of little fake diamonds

And that they would have to look at every angle

To see if they’re real or not

Their red designer heels won’t take them too far

So they end up on the streets barefooted at 4 am

Wanting to believe in something for once


The Girls

They want to be admired in every way

But somewhere in them

Wished they never even existed

Because second place is the same as not participating

And they’re too tired to even close their eyes

In the darkness where they will think about

All the things Disney movies taught them

Way back when The Girls

Didn’t hide under black waterproof mascara

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