This whole thing is just hilarious


You’re asked to find the right gem

out of all of the rocks rolling around on the ground


You’re supposed to pick one and stay together with them

until your last day on earth

And you’re supposed to

Compromise and make sacrifices and

build houses and make another version of

yourself with that one person you chose

out of all the people that you’ve met in your life


And when you skip one of those steps or

you’ve done something twice or get behind,

People will look at you like you don’t

understand life at all

But it just seems so weird to you, that

there’s billions of people who

live like that,

all with different stories of their own

But you just think,


How do people get that far?


This whole thing is just ridiculous

You find your own soul inside the

body that you were born with

No one told you to live—

you just do,

Because that’s just what you do, naturally


You always seem to have two or more choices, but

You always seem to choose the one

you regret afterward

People come and go, you talk to them,

you share things with them, you let them

in and out of your life,

You hurt, get hurt,

and you somehow manage to

make yourself a better person than

you were the day before


And, and you’re supposed to make the

most out of your everyday life, collecting

all these things you can’t really see, called memories

And people will expect you to learn from them and turn them

into a shapeless figure, a dream, a desire,

that you’ll have to aim for

People will tell you to work,

Not just work, but to work hard to achieve

that thing you’re wanting for no specific reason

You know that things aren’t that simple and fast

But at the same time

We all want to achieve,

before we suffer to give

The hardship, is what makes things

“worth it”, and “treasurable” or whatever they call it


But this whole thing is just so hilarious to you

because all you ever think about is

how you’ll ever find your own soul

and until then

you can’t let anything else happen

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