YUIGA DOXON / Minami Nagano

The restaurant is called Yuiga Doxon.

Surrounded by trees, it seems like a small cottage.

The light on the tree reveals the nameplate when it becomes darker.

At the entrance, is a blackboard that introduces their lunch menu.


What is life about?

I cannot help thinking of it when I enter the restaurant.

Young cooks are making curry in the middle of Hokkaido.

Why did they come here? Why did they choose this place to settle?

I try to trace my life with their life.


After twelve minutes, a waiter brought me a soup curry with omelet.

Full of vegetables, golden omelets and freshly roasted sausages.

I feel I can live anywhere if there is curry in the world.

Then I found something interesting on the menu.

Anyone can have more rice if they guess the secret words.


So I went to the counter and said Lu-Lu Lu.

A younger cook smiled and served me lots of white rice.

Yuiga Doxon does not have so many lights inside.

But this place always cheers up many people with its bright atmosphere.

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