COLLIDE/ Rikako Kurasawa


I am the East

because I love the smell of tatami floorings

and the tiny little ramen shops


I am the West

because I know how to smile to strangers

and to dance like no one’s watching at a local diner


I am the East tonight

sitting in an izakaya

listening to the men talk how

their wives never agree with them

Sipping on Kamotsuru

looking for answers in the city of Kanda


I am the West tonight

sitting on a friend’s couch

with cheap beer and endless conversations of our biggest dreams

An empty box of pizza lay on the carpet

my mind wanders off

to that one night in the city of Dallas


The two lines parallel and sometimes intersecting

In a world where billions of souls intertwine

My soul is a home where two worlds collide

lost in translation

somewhere in between

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