THE LIME MONSTER / Camille d’Aboville

Lucy was in her bed staring at her dresser. The room’s humidity reminded her that not only did it rain last night, but she had also forgotten to close her window. There was not much time to spare––if she wanted to have breakfast, she had to be dressed by 8:15 AM.

She looked at her bedside clock: it was 7:55 AM. The mere idea of getting out of bed trapped her into the cozy covers. Picking an outfit could take more than a minute, and she would be freezing with her butt sticking out of her PJ’s.

The heavenly, unique comfort a bed releases when it can tell its owner, was about to leave. Lucy stopped herself right there; the bed wouldn’t––and couldn’t––feel lonely. She no longer had the time to relax. She pulled herself out of bed and prepared for the challenges that the morning held for her.

 Looking at the menacing clouds through the windows, she announced to herself: ‘Okay, Lucy, one cute and rain-proof outfit coming right up!’

Right as she said that, the ugly raincoat her mother had bought her tried to catch Lucy’s attention, pleading its case. Of course, she ignored it; on top of the raincoat being an undeniably ugly shade of lime green, she simply had no shoes that could even pretend to match this monstrosity. She stared blankly into her wardrobe, not even considering the possibility of wearing that god-awful coat. The obvious bias she had against the lime gift didn’t alter Lucy’s desire to be cute and comfortable. She didn’t want to get cold.

Keeping that in mind, she chose a pair of boots that met her objective and matched the rest of her outfit. She was wearing brown corduroy trousers and a thin white jumper, ideal for the boots and the 15-degree temperature announced on the weather forecast, but less ideal for the rain to come and the lack of good options in the jacket department. Lucy had to change.

There was no more time for her teenage drama. Her indecisiveness was already eating up her breakfast time. She took her favourite winter jumper as a substitute for the thin one and told herself that she’d be fine with just that. She was running late, and it was this or the raincoat.

8:25 AM. At that point, she couldn’t afford to have breakfast anymore and had to make a run for the bus on an empty stomach. Running in a winter jumper on a humid day made for a very poor combination, and Lucy was anything but cute when she got on the bus all sweaty and out of breath.

However, only when she took off her winter jumper Lucy noticed she was wearing her pyjama top right under it. Sweaty Lucy was wearing a long-sleeved Hello Kitty top. She blushed, looked around, and sighed, preparing mentally for a long sweaty day at school.

I should have gone with the lime monster, she mumbled, painfully aware that her mother’s poor tastes in colour were less embarrassing than her childishness.

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