258 SUZANNE WAY / Rikako Kurasawa

the kitchen counter was on the opposite side of the window…?

I am scared

because I am slowly forgetting

the days when I got tanner everyday

and the nights that made me want to live forever for the first time

It’s been too long and

too far of a distance for me to go back

and make sure that everything was just as perfect as I left them

It’s too late

to go back and gather everything and everyone back together

filling up all of the spaces to complete the masterpiece in my head

But most of all,

It’s too terrifying

to look back at it all

and not want to drop everything I have now and

kick the nearest desk and throw all of my papers

maybe shout at someone’s face and run out the door

Then I’d grab a taxi and book a one-way flight in the backseat

arriving at the airport, maybe I’ll punch the driver and run without paying

And hop on the plane I booked with my dad’s credit card and

tell the world to never come find me

After that if I feel brave enough I’ll snap my phone in half and

flush it down the toilet

If I’m lucky I’d steal a watch off a sleeping grandma

and a wallet off the forty-nine year old father over there

Then I’d reapply the red lipstick I’ve kept in my pocket and

promise myself to never look back



Rikako Kurasawa is a 3rd year student in the Department of English Studies who loves to write poems in her tiny notebook she keeps in her pocket. She is obsessed with Roald Dahl’s short stories and spends hours looking at makeup and fashion blogs.

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