the credits of your favorite movie start rolling

and you don’t like the font of it

Like the taste of the last gulp of beer from the

third glass you thought would never finish

Like the sound of your best friend’s Yorkshire terrier

drinking water from a silver bowl

Or that warmth of the air you feel when

you enter a classroom full of people

but no one is talking and it’s a

fourth period class and you somehow

feel pity for the professor and he’s

got that same expression he had from the week before

Like the toddler’s face when they’re on all fours on the concrete

drawing a dinosaur with a blue piece of chalk

Or how the rain made

the city you hate look even uglier than before

It’s the moment you crack open a fortune cookie

and pulling out the strip of paper that doesn’t make any sense to you

Or the color of a tired mother’s eyes at

Wal-Mart forgetting to buy that green laundry detergent

And like the smell of cheap perfume

your long lost friend is wearing with confidence

Or when you almost fall down the stairs but then you save yourself grabbing the handrails

and you imagine what would’ve happened to your elbows if they had hit the floor

And these things make you think about the color white

and black

and all the colors in between

and what the prisoners in jail are thinking at night

while other families are

playing the game of LIFE

on the polished red oak of their living room floor

and they have four different kinds of ice cream bars in

the freezer that they will save for tomorrow night

because they will have a slumber party and order pizza and

tip the pizza dude

And their next-door neighbor has a gray cat

that sneaks out from the back door

to meet a black cat

on a rooftop of a tiny flower shop

and together they will stare at the moon

(it wasn’t so full tonight)

And maybe, just maybe

they will think about all of the things I feel at 4:42



Rikako Kurasawa is a 3rd year student in the Department of English Studies who loves to write poems in her tiny notebook she keeps in her pocket. She is obsessed with Roald Dahl’s short stories and spends hours looking at makeup and fashion blogs.

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