Time Flame / Ana Carolina Meira de Souza

I’m on fire

splashes over me like I was thrown in a pool of gasoline

like I went to 1530 and called myself a witch

like I traveled to 1730 and spoke my language

and my skin was burnt and burnt again until I learned the phrase

I’m sorry

so I put myself underground and wish I was somewhere else

and I can speak any language


I walk into a paper and look at the time

it’s 2020

I can drive a car and go fast

lights turning




and I see a face

just like mine

on the ground on the ground on the ground

I notice

I’m still on

fire so


I hug a house with

one phrase I unleashed


burn with me


(Image “Proteção extrema contra a dor e o sofrimento I” by  Brazilian artist Roasana Paulino. From 2011, used with permission.)

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