FAVORITES / Leia Gorman

My favorite moments in life
Enjoying the summer breeze with my dear friends by the ocean
Leaving the campus with my back towards the flaming sunset
Sitting on my bed reading manga trying endlessly
to search for the perfect position
Waking up at four in the morning just before sunrise
These are my favorite moments in life.

But what if
What if someone told you
That your precious moments are coming to an end?
Those moments you cherish.
The very moments you could give everything up for.
What would you do?
How would you feel?
What would you say?

That is what happened to me.
Sitting on a chair, trying to analyse what exactly it all meant.
All my emotions, my words, my voice,
they were all tangled up in my head.
Slowly but surely
I could feel the tears running down my cheeks
Yet, I sat there silent in my chair
Waiting for any words to come out of my mouth.
Somewhere in my heart
I knew I would be okay, but not right now.

Lying in bed listening to ambient music
Watching my favorite TV shows on a Sunday night with my family
A conversation with my cat whenever I am alone in the house
Waking up from a dream, where my sweet love appeared
I endlessly wished for all of these moments to happen without end.

Sometimes, things that happen feel unbelievably unfair
As if someone planned to keep me in misery for a certain reason.
I continuously ask myself if I ever did anything wrong
to deserve this countdown.
But what I can do now is to love and to be loved by my loved ones
Within the time given to me.

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